When to call us

Whether you: are working on a new strategy and want to understand the key issues investors would like to see addressed; are preparing the next quarterly results and want feedback on how to present the good, the bad and the ugly; want to be ‘battle prepared’ ahead of facing investors on roadshows and at conferences; want an update on the key investment controversies that exist on your stock and suggestions on how to address them; or want to understand the nuances of what is currently keeping investors awake at night, we can be your trusted partner.

These are typical situations where we can be invaluable:

Working on a new strategic update

you are planning on announcing to the market a new strategy and want to hear the issues the market would most like to see addressed and suggestions on how to maximise the impact of your new plan.

Unloved or misunderstood

key investors and analysts are not engaged, find the investment case too complicated, or have not looked at it in a while – you want to inject new life into your market communication.

Playing the devil’s advocate

you know what you are doing right; but what is the bear case and what are the key investor and analyst red flags?

The market’s not buying into your current strategy

your valuation continues to lag, you want to hear why the market’s not convinced and to hear suggestions on how to improve the market’s conviction about your strategy.

You need an unconflicted sounding board

get a preview on the potential market reaction before you go ‘live’ with a major decision.

Drilling down into specific topics

whether you want an overview on the changing regulatory environment, helping deal with investors and analysts regarding the market’s current hot topics, peer comparisons and suggestions on communications about a particular aspect of your business.

First 100 days in the job

you have taken a new market/investor facing role, and want to be brought quickly up to speed on what the market thinks about your institution and want to be ready for the initial roadshows and investor meetings.

Not resting on one’s laurels

investors are buying into the strategy/message, but you want to stay ahead of the curve; maintain your best in class execution and communication.

Domestic winner wants to internationalise the message

while comparing favourably to domestic peers, international investors are not convinced, and you want to adapt the message to an international audience.

Briefing new executive and non executive directors

regardless of whether they are market facing, we can help bring your senior management up to speed on the major issues facing your bank and the wider industry.

Independent valuation

you want a truly independent valuation of your institution, part of your company or another institution in connection with a potential transaction.