Candid advice on your interaction with the market.

Our Mission

To be your trusted ‘external insider’, providing uncompromised, unconflicted, unbiased, high quality advice.

Veritum offers highly expert, candid advice to financial services companies, enabling them to anticipate and respond to the market reaction to their important announcements. We help identify the key issues, and prepare managements ahead of meeting investors and analysts. We are your ‘external-insider’, bringing a unique blend of top level experience from all sides of the financial sector investment community.

Our team’s experience is drawn from the highest levels of financial sector buy side, sell side, finance and investor relations, including at Board level. Therefore we can give you a uniquely insightful perspective of how financial services investors and analysts operate, and the best practices brought to bear by leading management.

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When to call us
“The last thing you want to hear is the first thing you need to know.”