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Shareholders’ dilemma over financial regulation

It might be assumed that investors prefer lighter banking rules — not necessarily  


‘Respect’ says the Financial Times on Veritum’s launch.  

Too much company information makes finance hard to grasp

Accountants and banks should not be shy about binning useless stuff.  

A culture ratio is more important than a capital one

The focus on making banks ‘safe’ by holding more capital is unrealistic.   

Some banks are just too complicated to break up

Yet they appear unable to consolidate towards higher profitability.    

Bank regulators, be careful what you wish for

Basel committee takes aim at traditional lending and the response is ferocious.    

The outdated ring fence that will starve City of London finance

The Independent Commission on Banking only published its proposals for the regulation of British banks in 2011. Yet they are already overdue for repeal.  

Even the biggest banks cannot afford $6bn systems errors

As seen with increasing frequency, the IT systems at some institutions are creaking.

Is the era of bank bailouts over? Nobody knows

Taxpayers cannot bank on an end to the era of too big to fail.    

Make up your mind on banking regulation

Nothing matters more to a bank than how much capital they must have.    

Unhealthy secrets about pay that every banker lusts to learn

The thing about investment banking is that status is an invisible commodity.